Investigative interviewing is the last and most important step in the investigation process. It is a process of bridging gaps in the available evidence, interviewing is a process of eliciting the facts as known to the target employee in order to help the authorities make a decision.

Our trainers provide the intellectual rigor and practical assistance to support agencies who wish to transform their systems, attitudes and behaviors so they can more effectively meet the needs of victims, law enforcers and system of justice.


This course consists of a blend of practical exercises, videos, theory and role-play, both as a participant and observer.

  1. Introduction To Interviewing Skills
  2. Handling Subject’s Responses
  3. Vocal & Non-Vocal Signs, Enials, Confessions & Admissions
  4. Report Writing & Legal Aspects of Interviewing
  5. Behavior Analysis
  6. Practical Exercise

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