The First Responder Awareness (CATS-FRA) Course is meant for frontline personnel to response when there is a suspicious activity or an attack. How should they react, how should they manage it, what should they do before the authority arrives on the scene.

While government bodies have provided ample advisories on other facets of Terrorism related threats such as Active Shooters via the media, incidents involving bomb blasts are more complex given its potential devasting effects and the challenges in identification.

Generally, CATS-FRA strives to equip participants with fundamental knowledge needed to handle a compromised situation in places such as hospitals, schools, shopping mall and hotels. Highly experienced trainers will equip participants with insights and tricks on managing related incidents at the initial stages of an incident occurrence. Its design encompasses on ways in identifying the threat and adopting the appropriate measures till further assistance arrive.

The difference between CATS-FRA and other local institutions conducting similar Counter Terrorism courses lies in its content depth and trainers' experiences. CATS-FRA instructors are qualified ex-military frontline EOD operators who possess years of local and international operational experience in hostile theatres such as Africa and Iraq. Such exposure adds to the practicality and realism of applications verses that of text book teachings.

The course conduct is classroom based with reinforcements on application made through a Table-Top Exercise (TTX). Participants shall be required to pass a written test consisting of multiple choice and True-False questions. Each participant shall be awarded a CIISCM certificate upon successful completion of the test.

  • Roles and Duties of First Responders.
  • Hazards Components and Identification.
  • War Relics – The Hidden Danger.
  • Types of Attacks & Case Studies.
  • Casualties & Survivors Management.
  • Responding to Hazardous Incidents: Assessment, Questioning and Reporting.
  • Ex Discovery: Suspicious Item and Response Exercise.
  • The Importance of Risk Education.

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