Explosive Remnants of War aka War-relics continues to plaque the environment and safety of personnel. Contrary to common flawed notion, the fusing mechanism and explosive payloads are still potent ERW despite lying dormant and undiscovered for decades. In conflict zones like Africa, Middle East and Southeast Asia, those unexploded ordnance have caused untold sufferings and denial of land use to its inhabitants. It remains a clear and present danger till today.

ERW related incidents have occurred at construction/reclaimed land sites and dredging vessels due to previous deposits during the time of conflicts, and reclamation projects. The discovery of ERWs will potentially hinder business activities and even possibly damage equipment.

The ERWMC is designed to aid identification and mitigation of ERW threats till expertise from the authorities arrives. This given knowledge will aid business/premise owners to identify and reduce the risks with minimum disruption to business activities. For police responders, the ability to advise appropriately is essential to ensure safety and minimise business disruption till EOD arrives.

The course instructors are qualified ex-military frontline EOD operators who possess years of local and international operational experience in hostile theatres such as Africa and Iraq. Such exposure adds to the practicality and realism of applications verses that of text book teachings.

The course conduct is classroom based with reinforcements on application made through a Table-Top Exercise (TTX). Participants shall be required to pass a written Ordnance Identification Test and thereafter, awarded a CIISCM certificate upon successful completion of the test.

  • Effects and Hazards of Explosives
  • Recognition of Explosive Ordnance, its Associated Hazards and Safety Features.
  • Fuse Firing Mechanism – Understanding Its Mechanics and Dangers
  • The Dangers of ERWs
  • Managing ERW Incidents.
  • TTX Ex Discovery: Respond to ERW Incident
  • Ordnance Identification Test

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