Chemical, Biological, and Radiological (CATS-CBR) is a continued progressive program from CATS-Foundational. With the advent of radical groups increasingly taking interest in the development of Chemical, Biological and Radiological devices, the CBR weaponry component cannot be ignored. Apart from conventional attack methodologies, compounded knowledge akin to CBR threats will have to be harnessed.

This specialised 3 Day course is an augmentation of governmental efforts to educate the public on the various facets of terrorism. Such a course is often conducted by government entities (such as HAZMAT) for selected bodies. As such, the design of the course is structured in context towards equipping general security practitioners and facility managers with the knowledge to develop its own preventive measures, response protocols and to garner operational synergy with national first responders in an incident.

Essence of the course contents encapsulates that of Threat Identification, Preventive Actions and Mitigation Measures. Contriving approach towards its conduct include the lectures, group discussion- presentation and a written assessment. Successful candidates will be awarded a Chartered International Institute of Security and Crisis Management (CIISCM) CATS- CBR Certificate.

Learning Outcome

The Generic Course Learning Outcome Include:

  • Knowing the various types of CBR payloads, its associated hazards and intoxication symptoms.
  • Knowledge of the various types of improvised devices using CBR payloads.
  • Tactical offensive application of CBR devices.
  • Detection and mitigation technology to combat threats. The include personal protection posture.
  • Reacting and managing a CBR related incident.
Modules of the program
  • Introduction of CBR Threat
  • Introduction to Toxic Chemicals
  • Biological Agent: Germs
  • Radiological Materials and Hazards
  • Improvised Toxic Chemical
  • Chemical Improvise Explosive Device
  • Radiation Dispersal Device – Dirty Bomb
  • Hardened Facility Against Chemical Attack
  • CBR Incident Response Management
  • CBR Detection and Mitigation Technology
  • CBR Incidents: Case Studies
  • Ex COLPRO (TTX) Security Planning to Harden Target Against CBR Threats
  • Ex Strong Smell (TTX): CBR Incident Responds
  • Test