The Cyber Support Manager is designed for 4 solid days which givens the delegates an international CIISCM recognition as Certified Cyber Support Manager. This program was crafted to meet the adult learning principals as the target audience are those in senior management and leadership role.

With so much of digitalization effect happening in almost all the organization around the world the managers and leaders must cope with the ever evolving technologies which is driving the business. With Block Chain, IOT, WOT, Industry 4.0, Robotics and Automation strong influence. The mangers need to Sharpen they Saw as what the famous Steven Covey said.

The responsibility of Cyber Support Manager to manage, mitigate and lead the business continuity are at the highest risk now due to the Cyber Threats happening almost in every minute. Due to this high demand and need for upgrade in understanding and skill up needs, this program specially crafted for those wo wants to stay relevant to the digitalization impact and do not want to get obsolete.

This program focuses more towards Digital Business management competencies when handling crisis in the Cyber Support Department or rather in old fashion way we define it as IT support center. They will be refreshed on how to motivate, build better relationship and manage their team as the new work force which influencing the business are the younger generation. As such its vital to keep the motivation of this new work force which they are managing.


Cyber Support Manager qualification are recognized internationally and are awarded by world leading Certification Body CIISCM.

This qualification covers 5 key concept as below:

  • The Digitalization effect to Management Team and the new role
  • Managing Digital demand and Needs
  • System Integration and People Integration for business continuity
  • Digitalization Operation Management and Digital Human Resources
  • Leveraging on Tools and Technologies

The above 5 principals are the most vital domain for new generation management team to stay relevant towards the industry revolution which is converting the businesses and how businesses are being operated today.