The new Digital innovation world, the cyber support function for the business has become the vital key component for any businesses. Each and every employee need to be ready for the unknown threat into the IT usage to enable the operation.

The CCSA course targets the support professionals in any field of industries to given them the key and vital knowledge on the Support Professionals in their day to day operations when it comes to customer experiences in digital world.

This course covers 4 most important element to be successful Cyber Support Analyst. The delegates will learn how their roles can be more relevant in Cyber resourceful environment. The delegates will also learn how these roles can play a vital part in the success of business continuity.

Apart of that, the delegates will also learn about the Cyber Support Skills when dealing with customers, because the type of problems which the customer face today is cyber evolved problem in which the support function need to know how to handle these types of customers. Without proper business process, the business will literally crippled, as such the delegates will be exposed to the new Agile business process dealing with cyber incidents to mitigate the overlooked pitfalls.


The course will ensure the delegates follows the new industry and business needs in review of the 4 key areas of standards covered in the course standards. This qualification covers 4 key concepts as below (IMAGE)

  • Cyber Support Rules
  • Cyber Support Skills
  • Digitalization Process
  • Digital Economy Tools and Technology

The delegates will be equipped with the right competencies to meet the CCSA qualification.