Every day we are speaking and getting involved in the era of digitalization. When organizations gearing up for digital transformation, they are also inviting the digital risk and threats together. Almost every day, there are corporate cybercrime incidents are being recorded which cause Billions of dollars in lost.

The real information warfare has begun to dominate the business environment and businesses are at the highest risk ever in data breach and cyber-attack incidents. Certified Cyber Security Practitioner course are specifically designed for all level employees in any organization as 'HUMAN FIREWALL' are always and the best preventive mechanism from Cyber Attack. This full engaging and interactive course are conducted from highly experienced trainer which can bring the maximum benefit for the participants.

A layman without any technical background will walk out the training room fully trained with the most vital information to make them live safer in this world of cyber threat.


The Certified Cyber Security Practitioner course will ensure that delegates will be able to understand the concept of Cyber Security Fundamental in which they will be exposed to various types of cyber security vulnerabilities in business environments. The delegates will also learn the Risk Management and Data Governance framework which can be applied instantly after the training completion.

Upon completion of the course, the delegates will be able to identity the best practices in data governance and data privacy to ensure the cyber security practices and always ahead from the potential threat.

Some of the main learning curves will be in the area of social engineering threats and Advance Predictive Threats which has become the primary reason why Human and Businesses fall prey to cyber Hackers.

During the Training the delegates will be given real life scenario and practical cases for analysis and to use the learning into practices. Data Protection practices and instinct will naturally be implanted after this case study are being analyzed.

Some of the key take back of the training will be to react proactively when it comes to Risk Mitigation for Data Protection. With GDPR revolutionizing how business Data Protection need to be handled.

Governance and Cyber Threats through right process activation which will be introduced for the candidates.

Best Practices across the global will be introduced throughout this syllabus from ISO 27001, ISO 270034-35, Cyber Security, Risk Management, GDPR and Data privacy law. The key processes across Risk Management and Security Management will be used in the learning activity

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