Certified Anti Terrorism Specialist


The subject of Terrorism goes beyond the mayhem of Bombs and Guns which are merely tools used by extremists to carry out their acts of terror and destruction. Embodying essence include understanding and mitigating the networks and its associated elements.

The Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist (CATS) Program provides holistic understanding to the tenets of terrorism that encapsulate the imperatives of the Strategic- Operations-Tactical dimensions. The tripartite components and approach sets the CATS program apart from the rest.

The CATS Program engages two trainers given that: 'No Man Is an Island'.  Each trainer is experienced and competent in his/her respective fields of specialisation, and that inevitably brings maximum benefits to the participants.


CATS is taught at an unclassified level encompassing subjects in context to fraternities from both the Commercial and Law Enforcement sectors. It provides a broad framework to International Terrorism defining similarities and differences from its Strategic direction, Modus Operandi of groups in different regions and the adherence of Tactics and Techniques in accordance to its capabilities and intent. In short, the course offers in-depth understanding to a synergised collusion of coherent factors in the Terrorism domain.

On the Strategic and Operational fronts, the course provides insights to the Ideology, Funding, Logistics, Structure, Network and Cell connectivity among groups within and outside their respective borders. These knowledges will aid analysts and security practitioners in understanding Pattern- Trends, and the evolving threat direction in the coming years.

Subjects in the Tactical discipline will be Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP) centric. The primary objective is to equip participants with adequate knowledge to deter via protective-hardening measures, identify and manage the threat before follow-on expertise arrives. Such skills are important to frontline responders who will be exposed to the hazards at the on-start. Knowledge gleaned can likewise be applied to policy formulation, reviews and conduct of penetration test.

Technical aspects of Explosive Device (IED), the methods in which IEDs are employed against a target, assessing target strength and vulnerability and the attack phases are the core focuses. Theoretical lessons are reinforced with discussions and Table-Top Exercises tailored towards prevailing IED and Terrorism related scenarios.

  • Global Terrorism Threats and Trends
  • Recent Terrorist Attacks: Case Study
  • Explosives and Its Effects
  • Improvised Explosive Device
  • Fundamentals of Anti and Counter Terrorism Framework
  • Methods of Attack: Tactics, Techniques and Procedure
  • The Process of An Operational Plan: The Attack Cycle
  • Ex Silent Whisper: Attacking and Defending a Target – Vulnerability Assessment
  • Managing IED Incidents
  • The Use of Internet and IT for Criminal, Terrorist and Security Purposes
  • Exercise Swift Valor: Reacting to IED Incidents

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