Mr. Sito Wai Yip
  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), Singapore Armed Forces (Retired).

  • Chemical Biological Radiological (CBRD), Singapore Armed Forces (Retired)
  • Officer In Charge of Bomb Technical and Investigation Team, Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Singapore Police Force.
  • Adjunct Trainer, Singapore Police Force.
  • Adjunct Trainer, ICPTVR – RSIS, NTU.

Sito was a EOD and CBRD practitioner with 26 years of experience with the SAF before retiring to join CID SPF as officer in charge of the Bomb Technical and investigation Team.

During his tenure, Sito had held Staff and Instructional portfolios in both the EOD and CBRD unit. As a senior member of the EOD and CBRD fraternity, he was often involved in the formulation and development of CBRE Doctrines, Tactics, Techniques and Procedures. Cardinal appointments that he had helmed include, Sergeant – Major of the NS CBRD Battalion, Senior Trainer, and Intelligence cum Research officer in both units.

His operational experiences over the years included over 180 EOD related missions in the fields of Disposal of Explosive Ordnance Remnants of War (ERW), Improvised Explosive Devices Disposal (IEDD) incidents, Post Blast Investigation (IED forensic) and Search Operations- national security events held in Singapore. Sito, for the past 10 years in SPF, had responded and investigated numerous chemical explosion and CBRE related cases and had conducted numerous post blast investigation-training courses.

Apart from the training he received in the SAF and SPF, Sito was also schooled in overseas institutions that include EOD in the United Kingdom; Post Blast Investigation from US Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF); CBRD in Australia, Post Blast Technician in Canada.