Joseph Tang
Group Advisor on Brand Protection with LVMH Group (Moët Hennessy, Louis Vuitton)

Joseph is a Group Advisor on Brand Protection with LVMH Group (Moët Hennessy, Louis Vuitton) and has been contributing his efforts and services in both public and private sectors. He joined the Hong Kong Police Force as an ordinary uniform beat patrol constable at the young age of 17 and has achieved several ranks during his years in the police force. He started from a Police Constable to a Sergeant, a Station Sergeant, an Inspector and finally became a Chief Inspector, accomplishing an exquisite distinction of “Five Promotions” within 23 years of Police Services. He also holds a record of being the youngest Station Sergeant, aged 26 at the time.

He has achieved an astonishing stairs of success in his public service profession, being awarded a Silver for the best recruit, the Best Police Tactical Unit (PC), and Best NCO Tactical Unit. NCO is the only award that is given to a PTU Company of 171 men and contemptuously Joseph is one of them. His remarkable achievement includes the Baton of Honour for best all round Inspector under training as well as the Baton of Honour for best all round overseas student in Scotland Yard.

Other awards include the Colonial Police Medal for Good Conduct and Distinctive Services and Governor’s Commendation for Outstanding Bravery and Loyalty. In inclusion, he has also been awarded the Commissioner’s Commendation for exceptionally high standard of performance and Commanding Officer’s Commendation for consistently good services along with the District Commanders’s Commendations for swift detection of serious violent crimes, recognising his notable reputation in the industry.

Before joining LVMH Group, Joseph served as a Security Consultant for four years and a Security Manager for two years in the Langham Hotel Group. He was in charge of setting up the security patrol rotation system in the mid-90s, which has been comprehensively adopted within the hotel industry for several years in Hong Kong. After that, he worked for five years with Remy Cointreau Group as the Group Senior Brand Protection Manager in the Asia Pacific region. He then worked with Hill & Associates as the Client Account (Brand Protection Manager) for two and a half years and dealt with IT Clients such as Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Dell Computer, International Business Machines (IBM), Compaq Computer and Cisco.

Joseph has been with LVMH Group (Moët Hennessy, Louis Vuitton) for 15 years, starting off as the Regional Brand Protection Director in Greater China region. He has been looking after four business segments suchlike Fashion watches and ornamental pieces (jewellery), Perfumes & Cosmetics and Wines & Spirits and is currently serving as a Group Advisor on Brand Protection.