Jeff Walker
Principal Advisor for JKG Consulting

Jeff Walker is the Principal Advisor for JKG Consulting and has over 30 years of experience in security, emergency management, crisis management and counter terrorism.

He served in the Australian Federal Police as a Counterterrorism First Response Officer at the Sydney Airport and then qualified as a Bomb Appraisal Officer in the Bomb Response Unit. He has also been involved in providing protection to dignitaries including US Presidents and the Queen. Other protective responsibilities include the Diplomatic Protection Unit and the Prime Minister Residential Protection. He ultimately completed his service with the AFP as an Air Marshal that provides armed protection against hijackers on Australian registered carriers.

Jeff has provided consultancy in Papua New Guinea, Australia, South East Asia and the Middle East. He was part of the training team that provides trainings to the United Arab Emirates Police (special operations) in hostage rescue and counter-terrorism response. In Israel, he studied on the subject of terrorism and security and successfully obtained a Diploma in Advance Security and Anti-Terrorism. Jeff is also an experienced trainer and has conducted trainings on terrorism awareness, emergency management response procedures for bomb (IED’s) threats and Active Armed Offender.