Managing Partner-Gravitas International

Former PMI Global Security Director, Louis Alexander has 35 years of experience in government and corporate risk management with a proven record of understanding geopolitical and regional security threats /vulnerabilities and aligning security proactive mitigation with the business strategy of an organization.

Prior to entering the private sector Mr. Alexander was a senior law enforcement executive with the United States Secret Service. After performing in investigative and protective assignments in the US he became the Deputy Special agent in charge of the Northern European district headquartered in Paris, France supervising high profile protective and investigative activities throughout Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Africa.

For 6 years he was a member of the US Joint Counter Terrorism Task Force (JCTTF) working with US and international intelligence services on sensitive high profile targeting of organized crime and terrorist groups in the Middle East and Asia.

Mr. Alexander entered the private sector in 1999 assuming EMEA director positions with Monsanto, Pharmacia and Abbott Laboratories. In 2005 he became the Global Director of Security for Philip Morris International in Lausanne, Switzerland until 2010.

As the senior advisor to the PMI Executive Committee in all matters pertaining to physical security, Lou was responsible for ensuring the safety and security of PMI employees, facilities, Information, reputation, and business operations through the assessment and management of global security risks.

He created and chaired the PMI Security Risk Management Committee and was a member of the company’s Corporate Incident Management Team, Business Continuity Steering Committee and Technology Risk Committee. Each had executive suite representation and led to clear understanding of the security function.

Lou also served as the ISMA steering committee representative on the InterPol chaired Global Council Combating Counterfeit, Contraband and Piracy where he helped organize and speak at the December 2009 Cancun, Mexico conference attended by more than 1200 delegates.