Global E2C was incorporated with a regional headquarter established in Singapore city. Its sister companies, branches and partners are widely spread across Asia Pacific region which includes in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, India, China, Australia, Taiwan, Netherlands and Hong Kong.

Our certification program focuses thoroughly in security, risk and crisis management. We provide specialization in areas related Anti-Terrorism, Crime Prevention, Corporate Security Management, Crisis Management, Cybersecurity, Supply Chain Security. We also offer customized in-house training programs crafted accordingly as industry and operation environment for organisations. Our trainers at Global E2C are highly experienced, knowledgeable and competent within the fraternity of security, risk and crisis management.

For the past 10 years, we had successfully conducted training programs for more than 5,847 professionals across Asia Pacific. Over the years, more than 3,000 professionals have attended our conferences, seminar and forums.

Being an international training program company, we have established a signified presence mainly in Singapore and Malaysia. Our clientele list includes Singapore Prison, AETOS, Bank of America (Singapore), Google Asia Pacific, HSBC, G4S Security Force, Singapore Customs, Certis CISCO, Apple South Asia, New Zealand Defense Support (Singapore), PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police), Malaysian Airports, Petronas, British American Tobacco (BAT), Flextronics, WCT Hartanah, Laureate International Universities, AIG Insurance, Kintetsu World Express, B Braun, Nippon Express, American International Schools of Dhaka, Etihad Airways, Siemens, Hong Kong Police Force and many more.

As part of our mission in carving the educational pathway for security professionals, we organize and manage national and regional conferences, seminars and forums across Asia creating a fruitful learning environment for industry experts.


To Share Insights that Empowers and Inspire Human Capital Via World-Class Training Development and Consultancy Services


To Uplift Organisational Excellence Through Skills Upgrading, Competency Building and Knowledge Development.


Professional Integrity, Creditability in Capability and Capacity Building, Endeavour Towards Excellent Performance.

As of 31 Dec 2018, Global E2C had conducted trainings for 5,847 professionals across Asia Pacific. On average, participants rated high 93% satisfaction with the trainings….


Over 3,000 industry professionals had attended conferences, seminars or forums managed by Global E2C. Delegates scored these events with an average high 88% satisfaction….


98% of Global E2C social networking attendees had expressed their appreciations of the organising of the events, and they will continue to look forward in…


90% of Global E2C activities are held in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Australia, Japan & South Korea….

our services

Different industries have different level of security threats, risks and challenges. Hence, there is no one size that fit all circumstances. Specially and meticulously crafted, Global E2C security programs are designed for the industries and where the curriculum is constantly updated to keep abreast of the ever-revolving security threats.


Sometimes, it might be inconvenience for some of the participants to raise questions and address the current challenges that they are facing back in their organisations during a public run training courses.

This is when Global E2C provides a customised in-house training program allowing the trainer to tailor the training curriculum to suit best the participants’ industry and operational environment with the support of specific case studies and information.


Adapting to digital technology, GlobalE2C assist many corporations in conducting and monitoring web training programs. As a strategy to further pursue continuous learning development, GlobalE2C also hosts complimentary webinars.

GlobalE2C are the editorial lead for TAPA Asia Pacific’s LOOKOUT and CIISCM’s SECURITY & CRISIS e-magazines, a platform built to reveal the latest industry information.


As a part its knowledge sharing mission, Global E2C organises and manages regional conferences, seminars and forums across Asia, congregating industry professionals in a captive environment.
GlobalE2C had the privilege to organise Security Asia Exchange (SAE) Conference, Chartered International Institute Security and Crisis Management (CIISCM) Conference, Company Emergency Response Team (CERT) Seminar, TAPA Asia Pacific Supply Chain Security Conference and Head of Security RoundTable Forum.


Nothing more than a simple handshaking, GlobalE2C often indulge in organising social networking events on behalf of their partners and sponsors bringing industry professionals together for a relax and enjoyable networking session. It is also known to be simplest way adapted by GlobalE2C in expressing their appreciation towards the industry for the supports given by partners and sponsors.

Association Membership and Secretarial Services

Global E2C assists associations in day-to-day operation and outreach activities. Global E2C is currently the secretariat for Chartered International Institute of Security And Crisis Management (CIISCM).


Certified Crime Prevention Specialist (CCPS) Indonesia.

Easy To Adapt And Apply In Daily Work

It will be easy to adapt and apply the training program contents in my daily work

Security Manager, Shah Poonam Metals

Provides A Very High Quality Training

Global E2C understands the participants needs extremely well and provides a very high quality training

Safety & Security Manager, Shangri La Group

Facilitators Very Competent

The facilitators from Global E2C are very competent in the subject matter

Sr. Security & Risk Management Manager, Taylors University Sdn. Bhd.

Recommend This Training Program

I would definitely recommend this training program to my colleagues and friends

Inspector, PDRM

Knowledgeable Trainer

The company provides knowledgeable trainer which can increase participants knowledge

Security Executive, ASEM

Learn And Acquire A Lot Of Knowledge In This Training Course

I must say that I learn and acquire a lot of knowledge in this training course especially in the area of crisis management and protective security. Both the trainers are extra ordinary in terms of knowledge and and experience sharing


Trainers Are Knowledgeable And Well Prepared

Trainers are knowledgeable and well prepared. Content of training sufficient to understand terrorism activities and counter measures. Sufficient knowledge gained to enable me to create an awareness for the weight need to be prepared for terrorist acts/activities

Managing Director

Global E2C Has Spearheaded The Security Industry

Global E2C has spearheaded the security industry to bring innovative and interesting courses to security professionals. It equips us to bring security into business and market individuals in this niche industry like security to be more knowledgeable and worthy for any organisation.


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